Itch Stop™ Cream


Itch Reliever

100% natural.

Available in 1.5 oz jar

Relentless Itch?

Itch Stop Cream provides long lasting relief!

Have you been caught with your back against the door edge?

Nothing can be more embarrassing, especially in front of a client!

Do you wiggle in your seat trying to get "that" spot?

Sit easy! Itch Stop™ Cream is the answer to your dream!

Trying to resist a leg itch during that important job interview?

Those moments are a thing of the past!

Itch Stop™ Cream delivers on its name for hours!

Unlike anything you will find, Itch Stop™ Cream is a completely natural combination of oils that instantly stop the itch urge over larger areas of your body. Easy to use cream formula allows for easy application onto hard to reach areas as it does not run or drip✱.

So concentrated, just a tiny amount is needed!

Regardless of the reason for your itch, apply Itch Stop™ Cream a to the site, work it in, and itch is gone for hours!

Order a 1.5 ounce jar for only $9.00 and put a stop to your itch now!

Vegan, Sustainable, Natural, Almost Organic Not recommended for babies or small children.

✱Compared to One Drop™ Itch Stop.

Alphabetical list of ingredients:

Basil essential oil, Bulgarian Lavender essential oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, Lemon Balm essential oil, Organic Peppermint essential oil, Sal Butter, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Tea tree essential oil

Because Itch Stop™ Cream contains only oils and natural butters, Itch Stop™ Cream may melt when exposed to temperatures over 75o F. It is best to store in a cool dark place or in refrigerator if necessary.

Use as little Itch Stop™ Cream as possible (because a little goes a long way!) and massage into your itch site and the immediate surrounding area. You will be very surprised at how far a tiny bit can spread! Within seconds, the urge to itch will stop! The itch sensation will disappear for hours nearly immediately! Even "long lasting" and "itermittent" itch urge sites will be calmed! That is how effective Itch Stop™ Cream is!

It is possible the itch urge will return but it may be as long as 12 hour intervals. Plenty enough time to get you

  • 1) through the night
  • 2) through the job interview
  • 3) well past that first date
  • 4) completely through a work shift
  • 5) or through an important client dinner meeting

You will find Itch Stop™ Cream works so fantastically that you will want a jar at home and work. So, order two jars today!

Itch Stop™ Cream has its origin in One Drop™ Itch Stop!

One Drop™ Itch Stop! specifically for insect bites completely eliminates redness, swelling and itch with just one drop!