Get the Smell Outta Here O de Toilet

Say hello to the team of odor fighters!

Herbs & Such Not Name Brand toilet, air and odor prevention sprays

2 ounce spray bottles just $5.50

Save yourself $4+ per bottle compared to "Name Brand" similar products!



Go easy

A natural blend using Bulgarian Lavender and Lavandin essential oils



Go freshly

A refreshing natural blend using Lemongrass essential oils



Go Springy

A quintessential fragrance blend reminiscent of grandma's lilac bush in the spring time!

Orange Cream

Orange Cream

Go with a Splash!

Let the refreshing scent of summertime fun and orange Creamcicles be your "calling card"

Woods Hole

Woods Hole

Go Manly

A natural blend using a proprietary blending of essential oils will leave your bathroom smelling like the deep foresst - now that's manly!

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Everyone stinks a little (or a lot!) but that does not mean you have to leave an odor behind you!

Introducing the ever so pleasing way to spray away your gastrointestinal vapors. Get the Smell Outta Here O de Toilet™ works wonders. Comparable to popular name brands at a fraction of the cost*. Be the guest - your house or theirs - that gets invited back! One or two sprays handles the average load, three for heavy duty. Dual (or multi) flush action is suggest for alleviating long lasting needs that requires 4, 6, 8 or 10 sprays for monster loads.

*Price comparison is calculated based on actual ounce for ounce costing as well as approximate uses per ounce costing. Get the Smell Outta Here O de Toilet™ costs approximately $0.02 to $0.03 per use compared to $0.10 and $0.20 per use of popular brands.

Prior to using the toilet:

Shake bottle well.

Spray once or twice into the toilet water.

Should you not have the time to spray first, you may spray into the air during and/or after toilet use.

Get the Smell Outta Here O de Toilet™ is a natural product (except for a few select chemical creation scents) and requires that you shake the bottle well prior to use to re-mix the ingredients.

Unlike other products, Get the Smell Outta Here O de Toilet™ is super concentrated and requires, in most cases, just one spray into the toilet prior to going.

Should you not have the time to spray first, spraying into the air during and/or after will also eliminate the odors normally produced while "on your throne", "hitting the Loo", "doing your poo" or, simply put, emptying your bowels. This is an important point because, the effectiveness of "after" use allows you to "follow-up" with Uncle Billy, Grandma Rose or whomever is your most mephitic potty guest.

Get the Smell Outta Here O de Toilet™ can not only be utilized after someone else has used the commode but also prior to using a porta-potty, just to update the bathroom scent or any other location foul odors make your (and everyone else's) nose crinkle.

Get the Smell Outta Here O de Toilet™ - can help alleviate pressures of embarrassing odors. It makes kids and small animals happy. It helps out at the supermarket, department store, weddings, baby showers, work and when visiting the in-laws

One 2 ounce bottle contains approximately 384 single sprays. (Based on quick experiment where 1/8 teaspoon delivered 4 sprays using a fine mist sprayer with a 2 inch dip tube.)

Get the Smell Outta Here O de Toilet™ works so well and in so many places, for the price, you can double up on duty by buying two or three - hec, just go ahead and buy a case of 12 and avoid not only malodorous awareness but financial strain as well.

For just $5.50 per 2 ounce bottle. Buy a case of 12-2 ounce bottles (mix or match) for just $50.00 that's up to 7 bottles more for the same price of other brands, Great for gifts and stocking stuffers. A sure fire hit at office gifting parties, bridal and baby showers!

Get the Smell Outta Here O de Toilet™ is a combination of oil and liquids. Shaking is required because no chemicals are used to stabilize the formula. Various chemicals are used in commercial fragrance/perfumes i.e. F...eeze and other commercial products.

Unlike chemical products, this is real oil and, as most know, oil and water do not mix. So, when you spray this into your toilet, the formula is going to separate again. This time, the liquids will sink to the bottom of your toilet and the oil is going to float on top. Because you have disbursed the oil into the liquids while shaking, the oil is in tiny droplets. The droplets rapidly spread out over the surface of the toilet water creating a miniture oil slick. As solids pass through the oil slick, they become encapsulated in the oil. As the oil is a conscentrated scent, the encapsulation overpowers any scent contained within the solid mass. And, there is plenty of oil in the mini-slick to handle a normal bowel release. Any odor that escapes the confines of the toilet will be that of the oil as it is disturbed rather than that of the solid. Not only will your own olfactory nerves be delighted, so too will any passerbys and/or future visitors.

Don't worry, your toilet will not look like an oil slick after! Take heart, in one spray, there is not enough oil to encapsulate and cause visible signs of pollution. Your regular toilet cleaning routine will sufficiently clear any minute oils that are left behind from regular use of Get the Smell Outta Here O de Toilet™.

More questions? Send an email and I'll start a FAQs.